Kay Toon has developed some self-help Apps for smart phones and tablets. 

Having these resources on your mobile devices means you can

  • have access to them whenever they want or need them
  • can work in private on any difficulties
  • can use them on the move
  • can interact with them

k2n Safety Zone is for anyone who wants to gain more control of their emotions and build up their own resource of useful techniques.

The Breaking Free Series is a set of interactive Apps based on the Breaking Free books and containing exercises from the workbook. The first one (k2n The Journey Begins) is free. They are the first ever Apps designed to help people who were sexually abused as children.

Available Now

k2n Safety Zone App for iPhones (also runs on iPads) and for Android phones (£1.99, $2.99)

Breaking Free Series for iPhones (also runs on iPads) and for Android phones.

All available from the iPhone App store on iTunes or from Google Play.     Search for “k2n”
(to use on iPads or tablets – download the phone version)

App1 - k2n The Journey Begins  (free)   
App2 - k2n Keeping Safe   (£1.49, $1.99)  
App3 - k2n Feeling Guilty  (£1.49, $1.99)  

Description of the Apps
k2n Safety Zone App

This App consists of a wide range of different techniques to help people stay calm, manage their own stress, and feel in control of their emotions. There are photos, video clips and audio clips to help you use the exercises.

Foranyone who is feeling anxious or under stress and wants to learn how to control their own emotions; as well as for therapists, people awaiting or undergoing therapy, or people working through the Breaking Free series of Apps.


  • This App aims to help you feel more in control of your life by providing you with a wide range of techniques to manage your own symptoms;  eg your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and coping strategies (This may be all that some people need. Others will also need to work on any underlying problems in order to eliminate their symptoms

  • It is a resource to help you build up your own Safety Zone of techniques/strategies/ideas that suit youA “Distress Scale” helps you check if an exercise works for you.

  • You can call on it whenever you need it. If it is on your mobile device then it is always with you if you need a little help to get by. Press the Safety Zone button on the bottom bar whenever you want to access your personalised Safety Zone

  • Press the “Panic” button on the bottom bar if you feel a panic attack coming on or for information about managing panic attacks
  • You can use the techniques daily to help you stay calm, live more in the moment and improve your well-being

  • You can dip into the App for ideas or gradually build up your personalised Safety Zone

  • You will receive free updates whenever new techniques or suggestions are added to the App.  Any suggestions of effective techniques (non copyrighted) to add to this App are also welcome

The k2n Safety Zone App is for:

     People who

  • are functioning well in their lives but sometimes feel out of control of their own emotions and behaviours

  • experience : anxiety, fear, stress, panic attacks, feeling upset, feeling down, feel they are on “overdrive”, being on an emotional rollercoaster, worrying all the time, a buzzing mind, feeling out of control of their emotions, feeling wound up or tense, feeling flat and weary
  • want to feel more relaxed and grounded

  • have had bad experiences and need some help in coping with the consequences of them

  • want to increase their well-being and feel more in control of their own lives

The Breaking Free series
The “Breaking Free” Series of smart phone Apps are designed to help men and women who were sexually abused when they were children.  Each App is a step in a self-help programme that encourages you to think in a new way about your past, to gradually break free from the problems that are disrupting your life, and to help you look forward to your future.

For :  adults 17 or older;  anyone who has been sexually abused as a child; also their friends, family, supporters, or therapists.  I in 4 people in the UK and elsewhere have been sexually abused as children.

The Breaking Free Apps allow you to work in private on your difficulties; whenever you want to and wherever you are, using your mobile device. The emphasis is always on your safety and helping you manage your own feelings and behaviour.
These Apps focus on identifying, understanding, and resolving problems that result from being sexually abused as a child. They draw on the two Breaking Free books written by Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon (The books are titled “Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse” in the USA) 

All the Breaking Free Apps focus on practical ways to identify and change harmful beliefs and behaviours resulting from childhood sexual abuse.  They also aim to help you work through your feelings about the abuse and to feel better about yourself.

k2n The Journey Begins (free)
This first App in the Breaking Free series aims to

  • help you decide if you are ready to work on the problems resulting from childhood abuse

  • help you understand why you have these problems

  • remind you to keep safe. It may be painful, as well as liberating, to work through these Apps but it is really important that you look after yourself in the process, you have suffered enough

  • show you how to move on by using this and the linked Apps; or via a therapist; or the Breaking Free (or Surviving Child Sexual Abuse) books

k2n Keeping Safe
The second App contains ways of coping with your feelings, dealing with harmful coping strategies and managing symptoms such as panic attacks.

k2n Keeping Safe is for people who:

  • experience : anxiety, fear, panic attacks, being on an emotional rollercoaster,  feeling out of control of their emotions, flashbacks and nightmares

  • work too hard, exercise all the time, sleep all the time, keep busy until they drop, smoke, eat too much or too little, isolate themselves

  • self-sabotage (harmful ways of coping with your thoughts and feelings) and want to develop healthy coping strategies (rather than using harmful ones)

  • need some self-help support whilst they wait for therapy; or during therapy or whilst working through self-help materials

  • have had bad experiences in the past and need some help in coping with the consequences of them

  • have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused as children. This App may help them contain and manage their symptoms whilst they work on their problems using professional help or via self- help (eg the Breaking Free Apps or books)

  • want to feel more in control of their own lives

k2n Feeling Guilty
The third App is about challenging the feelings of guilt and self-blame that Survivors so often experience.  Many Survivors believe they are responsible for being abused because they didn’t stop the abuse or didn’t tell anyone, or because they think they caused the abuse to happen.  The exercises help you to challenge these common beliefs and to understand that the responsibility for abuse always lies with the abuser and never with the abused child. Constructive Feedback appreciated – email me from the Contact page or via Facebook